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ECCO is a global organisation, building bridges that span diverse cultures and communities, linking ideas and communications across - and between - member states and ultimately advancing the interests of a wide range of clients. The group aims to deliver ...

Catégorie:Réseaux d'agences
Harvard Public Relations

Harvard Public Relations, groupe européen de conseil en relations presse et relations publiques.

Sophie Beauvais

Global public relations professional with B2B, B2C, and corporate experience in agency and in-house. Result-oriented, highly-organized, team-player, versatile, innovative, curious & passionate.

The Newsmarket

La plateforme internet de The Newsmarket, www.thenewsmarket.com permet aux journalistes de venir chercher des videos gratuitement afin d'illustrer leur bulletins TV ou bien articles en ligne. Les videos publiees sur The Newsmarket sont fournies par enviro ...

Thibault Boutherin

Thibault Boutherin is a Strategist in External & Institutional Communications and Public Affairs, who has been working at national (UK, France), EU and international levels for 8 years. He has been devising strategies, creating and managing campaigns for ...

Working Word

Working Word is a leading independent communications business based in Cardiff that helps clients to reach audiences and markets across the UK. Formed in 1999, the company has grown to become the largest of its kind in Wales.